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Car shuttle across the Alp

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Logo design

Website design



Their clients, mainly cyclists and hikers, are on multi-day trips between Austria and Italy. While they cross high mountain passes on foot or on their bikes, Transalp-Shuttle drives their cars to their destination so they can have a comfortable travel back home after a strenuous trip.

The logo reflects the shuttle service with the arrow and the location with the mountain shape.


"After Zalan had done a great job in designing our corporate logo back in 2013, he also was in charge of creating our new corporate website in 2014. Zalán´s design work of the site was really spot on, and the coding part of the project, done by his partner Janos, was executed in a very careful, professional manner. Our continous feedback was appreciated and found the way into the site. We always stayed in contact over the course of several months. Email and Skype made the big distance between us seem like working in the same building. We are very happy with what Zalán and Janos have done for us so far and are looking forward to have by our side in the future, as our company and our needs of online presentation will evolve."

Stefanie Bleicher

(CEO & Founder,